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Tyre balance describes the distribution of mass within an automobile tyre or the entire wheel (including the rim) to which it is attached.

When the wheel rotates, mass may cause it to wobble or hop,which can cause ride disturbance,usually vertical and lateral vibrations. It can also in a wobble in the steering wheel or of the enitre vehicle.


When tyres are fitted at the point of sale they are usually balanced on a balancing machine and weights are applied to counteract the combined effect of the tyre and wheel unbalance. After sales wheels are also able to be rebalanced if drivers perceives excessive vibration.


The combination patch & plug repair is the most common repair at AutoMoto. A patch is performed by removing the tyre, marking the puncture, scouring the surface to create a smooth surface (inside of the tyre), applying rubber vulcanising fluid, drilling a hole at the puncture so the plug can be pulled through it, as well as cutting off the excess plug from the outside the tyre, applying the patch, then pressing it into the surface with a small metal wheel attached to a handle.

Tyre in Chiswick, Croydon, Mortlake, Rodd Point

If you’re struck with a flat tyre, all you want to do is get back out onto the road! First of all, you’ll have to remove the punctured tyre and fit on the spare out of the way of any traffic. The next thing you’ll want to do is visit AutoMoto for a top-quality tyre service! Abbotsford drivers may think they’ll need to buy a brand new tyre. The good news? You might not have to! Our team of highly trained mechanics can repair it for you, should the punctures in the tread area be repairable. This means you’ll save both time and money with our convenient services! If you need to repair a tyre, Chiswick, Croydon and surrounding locals can call today!

Tyre Service in Abbotsford, Canada Bay, Mortlake

Tyres are usually punctured by small, sharp objects such as nails and big chunks of glass. With our comprehensive tyre service, Canada Bay locals can take advantage of our tread repairs! Quick and easy, this process takes about half an hour to complete. First we deflate the flat tyre, assess and repair the puncture before re-fitting it back onto your car. Tyre letting you down? Mortlake drivers, don’t hesitate and call AutoMoto!

At AutoMoto, our aim is to fix everything that comes into our workshop - but sometimes your tyre may need to be replaced if the punctures are sizeable or if they’re in the tyres sidewall. Luckily, we don’t just offer flat tyre service – we’re one of Sydney’s best tyre retailers! Rodd Point locals can call us today.


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