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Delivering Reliable
Log Book Servicing in Sydney's Inner West

We offer vehicle servicing that’s both affordable and reliable. Our highly experienced professionals deliver work of the highest possible standard - using quality parts you can rely on.

Our qualified technicians have extensive experience and our knowledge extends to a wide range of makes and models.

AutoMoto uses the latest diagnostic equipment to service and repair your car. You can rest assured that your car is in the hands of experts, dedicated to bringing you the best service possible. AutoMoto can source genuine parts at competitive rates for your Log Book servicing.  


At AutoMoto, we offer:

  • Manufacture Log Book Servicing

  • Fuel Injection Servicing

  • Testing and Diagnostic Repairs

  • Brakes, Steering, Exhaust, Suspension Repairs etc.

  • Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing

  • Tyre Replacement

  • Roadworthy Inspections

  • Pre-purchase Inspections


AutoMoto carries out comprehensive vehicle servicing according to the manufacturer schedule.

Are you looking for a reliable and professional mechanic in Sydney?

Our experienced staff are always on hand to offer their expert and honest advice to help you with any mechanical problem you might have.

  Our Services include:​

  1. Brake and clutch repairs​

  2. General Repairs

  3. Roadworthy Inspections

  4. Air Conditioning Service

  5. Diagnostic fault finding

  6. Radiator and Coolant issues


If you need the services of a premium car mechanic, drivers know to come to AutoMoto Five Dock! With decades of industry experience and a team of highly trained technicians,we are proud to say we are the best in the business.

When you come to AutoMoto, your car will be put through a thorough examination to diagnose any potential problems. Following this, trained technicians will service your car and ensure it is running in peak condition. We only use genuine parts and accessories for repairs and servicing, and top brands for all other components. The use of original parts by our mechanics ensure top quality - we want nothing less for your vehicle! If you need a car mechanic, drivers can call us today. 

AutoMoto provides comprehensive car repairs.  From oil and filter changes to full repairs, we also review lights, electrical  transmissions and brakes. Our external checks include windscreen wiper maintenance, exhaust systems, steering, track rods, front and rear suspension, tyres and wheel alignment.

For the best repairs call AutoMoto Five Dock on 02 9797 6844 or book an appointment online.

transmission Service_edited.jpg

Like engine oil transmission fluid breaks down over time due to extreme heat and friction that the Auto will subject the fluid to.

Eventually the transmission fluid loses its ability to lubricate, cool and flow freely through the transmission causing it to wear out components.


Thorough vehicle inspection for ultimate vehicle performance. 

55 Point safety Inspection includes:

  • Computer diagnostics check

  • Comprehensive visual check

  • Easy to understand report with recommended repairs and maintenance.

  • Detailed explanation of report by one of our trained technicians.

Our report allows you to evaluate and recommend repairs and maintenance at your convenience- to easily decide on what and when you'll like to proceed with.

To increase your vehicles lifespan and performance, regular maintenance is a must. This is why we offer our FREE performance snap shot evaluation every time you bring your car in for a service helping to reduce your chances of unexpected breakdown and expenses.

vehicle diagnostics
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