The Century Advantage

Take a look at the features that give Australian

made Century Batteries the advantage.

1. Hybrid Plate Group
Improves strength, reduces plate growth and

enhances battery life.

2. Radial Grid Design
Lower electrical resistance for higher starting

power and faster recharge.

3. Longer Life Plates
Thicker cast construction and paste coating

of the positive grid to increase battery life.

4. Centre Lug
Central position for improved current flow and

vibration resistance.

5. Superior Plate Separation
Advanced envelope separator material providing increased puncture resistance and protection from short circuit.

6. Built-In Water Indicator
On-the-spot diagnosis of the batteries state of charge.

7. Hinged Vent Cover
Easy access for maintenance to maximise battery life.

8. Mud Rack Design
Specialist support racks for plates, minimises short circuit and vibration.